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Fresh and floral
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 60017
Self Preserving
Feel fresh as a pansy with this moisturizing body lotion. Filled with fair trade organic cocoa butter and organic jojoba oil, it'll smooth, soothe and hydrate your skin. Plus it comes with a delightful blend of zesty bergamot, soothing orange flower and invigorating mandarin infusion that'll leave you smelling like a spring day. Also available in a packaging-free version.
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Smooth all over your body, taking extra care with your dry areas.


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Columbus, OH | 10 days ago

Besides being such a fantastic moisturizer, this is my new favorite Lush scent! I have a strong sense of smell, so I always have to test a new scent on my skin for at least a day, but not in this case. I bought this solely based on the description and I'm glad I did!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Best fragrance around

Seattle, WA | 10 days ago

This lotion is super hydrating, absorbs easily, and smells amazing. The first time I wore it my husband said I smelled like a super expensive hotel 🥰. Worth every penny and a must have i my bathroom.
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By My Bed

Delaware | 18 days ago

At first, I was a little eh. I am a die hard Grass, earth, smell user. For some reason the scent stuck with me that day and by the evening I was crazy about it. I ordered online, with all the closed shops, and was completely mesmerized with it. I enjoy it so much on my feet and legs at night. The moisture feels great and the scent is very relaxing. My husband also enjoys it very much in conjunction with when I shower with Honey I Washed. Glad I bought the large pot!
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Pansy is my favorite!

NY | 1 month ago

I tried this in the solid lotion first just to see how it was when i happened to be in a store around Christmas time. I instantly fell in love with the smell and how long it lasts and so moisturizing. I went online and found they had it in a liquid lotion and had to get it. I just put in my order for a second jar. I absolutely love this and i have sensitive skin that gets very dry but it works like a charm to soften my skin up.
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A soothing twist on the Pansy scent

Sacramento, CA | 1 month ago

To me, this lotion doesn't smell exactly like Pansy. It has a distinctly herbal scent that isn't as prevalent in other Pansy/Olive Branch products. Which makes sense, considering that this lotion includes rosemary and aloe vera. However, I still like the scent, and I'm actually glad it has aloe in it - I have problems with redness and sunburn quickly, so a quick coat of this after a day in the sun keeps my skin happy during the summer. I would love if Lush offered this lotion in a smaller size so I could take it on the go with me!
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Chicago, IL | 2 months ago

I love this lotion! I fell in love with the Pansy scent through the solid perfume and ordered the lotion to match and was not disappointed. The scent is subtle but so beautiful and the lotion is super rich and moisturizing. I will definitely be repurchasing once I run out!
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Cincinnati, OH | 2 months ago

I love everything about this product only wish I'd tried it sooner. The most unusual thing about it to me is just how richly scented it is! The fragrance lingers like a true perfume. The scent is a pleasant herbal citrus with a hint of floral spice.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Pittsburgh, PA | 2 months ago

I have sensitive, dry skin and a lot of lotions will irritate my skin, and sometimes will even burn a little bit. Because of the natural ingredients, I've never experienced this with any of Lush's lotions and moisturizers that I've tried. Cosmetic Lad actually cured some pretty bad eczema I had on my eyelids. The Pansy body lotion is definitely on par with all of the other lotions from Lush that I've tried, but what makes this product stand out for me is the delicious, candy-sweet floral scent. This is the most amazing smelling thing I've ever purchased from Lush, or anywhere. I want to smell like it all day every day, and I would buy literally everything you guys make in this scent. Please keep this one around!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Sweet and herbaceous at the same time!

Boston, MA | 2 months ago

This scent smells like classic lush to me! It's sweet but also herbal and earthy. The lotion absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling smooth. I wish they made a smaller pot of it because a little goes a long way and I don't know that I'd finish this before the expiration date. I agree with another reviewer that I ordered this online and when it arrived, the lid was slightly unscrewed. I didn't lose much product, but there was definitely a small leak and the container looked overfilled. More for me I guess!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Springtime-clean smelling

NY | 2 months ago

I got this scent as a free sample with my order, which delivered rather quickly despite the pandemic, i have a feeling it's because i am in upstate NY. It reminds me a bit of karma, but lighter. Really satisfied especially given it was a free sample
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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