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Behind the Scenes - 45 Article(s)

We’re aware that most people know us as “that smelly soap shop”. But did you know why our shops smell so strongly? It’s because approximately 70% of our products are packaging-free. Read more
We launched Retro LUSH in 2003 at the insistence of our lovely LUSH forum customers. Read more
We only make our products in small batches, by hand, to ensure that everything is delivered to your local shop or front door is as fresh as possible. Read more
Do shampoos and conditioners typically contain animal products? Yes, they do. For people leading a vegan lifestyle, their choices may surpass what they eat to the products they use in their daily life. Read more
These are exactly what we say they are; luxurious bath products which melt in your bathwater, releasing essential oils and emollient ingredients to perfume and soften the skin. Read more
Did you know that we invented solid Bubble Bar Slices, and even have a patent on them? One night LUSH co-founder and product inventor Helen Ambrosen left a sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar mixture out and it accidentally got wet Read more
We use beautiful ingredients, such as essentials oils and fine spices, which is unique in the world of toothpastes. Read more
"When I was young, I had a crush on a beautiful French waitress who smelled of lemons." -Mark Constantine, LUSH founder and product inventor Read more
To advertise their wares, they found a bit of chalkboard and some chalk to write up what the 'soap of the day' was. Read more
After an inspirational trip to Tibet, Simon created two distinct scents. Read more
Our Buffy Body Butter was inspired by LUSH co-founder and inventor Rowena’s trip to Brazil. She already loved all things scrubby, and then she heard about the women in Brazil who rub a mixture of sand and sunscreen into their backsides. Read more