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Mermaid Tail
Mermaid Tail
Mermaid Tail
Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tail

Flex your fins
4.4 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Self Preserving
The human world is a mess. Get away from it all with our undersea wonder, Mermaid Tail. This two-in-one bathing buddy combines a softening, silky bath oil with one of our classic bubble bars. Choose your own adventure: you can snap off the top for a dreamy, creamy bath to soothe dry skin and tired limbs; you can crumble the base beneath running water for sky-high bubbles; or you can combine them together for buttery, bubbly bliss. Meanwhile, the sweet citrusy scents of lemon myrtle and grapefruit oils will boost your mood, while a dose of heady ylang ylang keeps you grounded. No matter what you choose, wouldn't you say your collection's complete?
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Mermaid Tail
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How to Use

Crumble under running warm water as you fill the tub for mountains of fluffy, fragrant bubbles.


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I want to go back buy more !!!!!

Jacksonville Florida | 13 days ago

I live it so pretty and fun please never get rid of it !
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Stronger scent and a less bubbly

San Diego, Ca | 17 days ago

Not as much bubble production as some other products. Stronger citrus scent, so less product is needed than usual. I used it more as a foot soak due to the heavy scent. But the mermaid theme was just so darn cute!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I love this product! Definitely would buy again!

Maine | 23 days ago

I loved this and would totally recommend it to a friend! The description of it was perfect and, the packaging was wonderful. The box smelled exactly like the bubble bar, which smelled amazing, and it was not melted when it arrived. Although the tail was broken off, it still smoothed my skin, smelled amazing, had a beautiful color, and overall made me relaxed.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Whimsical and Relaxing

NYC | 28 days ago

The Mermaid Tail bath bomb by Lush is hands-down one of my favorite bath bombs by lush to date. It smells like a dream, and I LOVE how it's a two-in-one bath bomb! The bottom portion of the tail has the bubble bar component, and the fin portion of the tail is a super softening bath oil bar! Highly recommend to anyone looking for something whimsical and relaxing!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Among my favorites, but don't order online...

NOVA | 1 month ago

Unless it's cold out! I LOVE this thing! I'm a mermaid lover anyway, so it's right up my alley, and it's so pretty and so fun! I just hope they keep it once summer is over... Pros: Smell: nice, light scent. Most bubble bars I've tried are a bit potent for me, but this one isn't overwhelming. Scents the bath, but not my entire house. Bubbles! Generous if you only use half; mountains if used all at once! Soft skin: The bath oil "flipper" makes the bath extra luxurious and my skin feels super soft, but not oily. Cons: It melts....If it's hot where you are, pick this one up in person. I didn't think about the "bath oil" part, but the fin topper will absolutely melt all over the bag. I got maybe half an oil; the rest is on the paper bag. I really hope this one stays available when the weather gets colder so I can get a few unmelted ones! Color: Not much. I think the color is deeper when the topper isn't half melted, but it's still on the lighter side. That said, since the bath is full of fluffy bubbles, you don't notice much. Melting: the oil sinks and melts and you crumble the bar, so it doesn't have the "fun" factor of some Lush bath products. But it's a bubble bar, not a bath bomb, so not much is to be expected there anyway. Could use more glitter, but that's just a personal preference. Everything could use more glitter! Overall, I really love this bar, I just think it needs to be picked up in person and driven home in an air-conditioned vehicle! Or ordered during a cold front.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Daughter Loved it.

Alabama | 1 month ago

My daughter loved this item. I bought for her for birthday along with other items and she has enjoyed this one so far. She has very sensitive skin and most bath items (bombs, soaking powders, and bath oils) break her skin out or dry it out! She said she had no problems so far using this item. I will look at Lush again when she runs out of the items I bought for her
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I love the smell but the tail fin didn't make it

Oakland CA | 1 month ago

The Mermaid Tail smelled good and it was a very cute idea; however, when I opened my package the tail fin had melted away so I received a partial tail.

Loved the bath bar but don't order through the mail

Maine | 1 month ago

Makes great bubbles but tail was broke during mailing. It was going to be a gift so I wound up using it myself.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

It smells like sour gummies!

Montreal | 1 month ago

I loved this bubble bar! The mix of grapefruit and lemon myrtle smells like sour gummies to me, I wasn't expecting that! I also liked the mix of bubble bar and bath oil. The oil tail left my bath with an amazing bright turquoise color! I would recommend to break the tail in two and use half your bubble bar, if you want 2 baths with the same experience.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great product!

Nova Scotia | 1 month ago

Loved this bubble bar! It was such a pretty color, the scent was beautiful and I just love the whimsical mermaid tail. Made for a very relaxing bath with lots of bubbles!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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