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Erlenmeyer Flask
Erlenmeyer Flask
Erlenmeyer Flask
Erlenmeyer Flask
Erlenmeyer Flask
Erlenmeyer Flask

Erlenmeyer Flask

Science is sweet
4.7 out of 5 Customer Rating
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We've got a hypothesis: you could use a calming, soothing bubble bath. So let's do an experiment with our new bubbler, Erlenmeyer Flask. Our methods are simple: just grab this little bar, crumble it under running water and be sure to note the way a bounty of beautiful bubbles billows up from the depths of your tub. You might observe that a sweet scent fills the air, with bergamot to boost your mood, cypress to clear your mind and a dash of blackcurrant absolute to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Like all good experiments, we feel you should test this one again and again and report all your findings. Goggles and gloves not required...but whatever floats your boat, professor.
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Erlenmeyer Flask
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How to Use

Hold under the tap as you run your bath. Splash the water around to create big, frothy bubbles. Let it dry out between uses.


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Dude it smells like Blackcurrent PEZ

Cincinnati, OJ | 1 day ago

First of all, I have no idea how anyone could complain about PEZZZZ as a scent, but yes, it's sugary sweet. Do yall hate fun too? As to the bubbles, Idk what the complaints are, but as long as you hold it on for long enough I def get bubbletopia soooooooo, it's not a bathbomb, you can't just drop it in the water, you gotta work for it a little. Honestly this is my fav lush product so far. It's delightful, and bubbly, and I'm devastated that it's leaving. DEVASTATED, LUSH. But this product will give you a month's worth of baths. So buy, my little duckies. BUYYYYYYYYYY
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Adding to the list of "it smells like candy" reviews

Athens, GA | 1 month ago

If you love sweet things then perhaps this would be the product for you! But for $17 I was expecting more bergamot than PEZ candy. It's a bit nauseating to me.

Nice quality, unexpected scent

Louisville KY | 1 month ago

Creates lots of bubbles. I love that it can be used multiple times. I would never guess the smells listed were in the product...I ordered online so I didnt get to smell them in person. It's like bubble gum and pez candy...not really what I was after. But none the less the quality of the product is good.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Nice smell but wears off fast

Detroit | 1 month ago

I filled my soaker tub 1/3 full and let the water run over the erlenmyer flask. The bubbles did not last long and there weren't even enough to call it a bubble bath. This was too expensive for what I was expecting but did not get.. Will not buy again.

I Feel Like a Mad Scientist

Pomona, CA | 2 months ago

This bubble bar really brings out the kid in me. It turns the water a beautiful magenta (without staining) and smells like how a gusher tastes! My only critique is the limited amount of big luxurious bubbles. I would say the water foamed a fair amount (like a cappuccino), but not like a 1950s pin-up ad. Maybe it's because I'm a little more cautious when it comes to using my reusable lush products. Overall it smells delicious, and I can't wait to use it again.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

It's the first time I can say I'm disappointed w lush produc

Buffalo ny | 2 months ago

Held it under my running bath water and got very few bubbles

Love it!

Nova Scotia | 2 months ago

I really love the way this product lasts compared to other bubble bars. I usually buy the regular bubble bars and cut them into peices to get multiple uses but the way they crumble while the water is running on them means I often end up with a lot of residue on the bottom of the tub and not as many bubbles. This product holds its shape under the running water and I get more bubbles for less product.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

It's really sweet

San Diego, CA | 2 months ago

It smells like candy
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