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With its uplifting scent, Turtle Jelly Bomb will make you want to hide out in your tub and soak up all of its skin-softening goodness. Every year, many sea turtles die from eating the plastic debris in our oceans that they mistake for food. This jelly bomb was created to encourage all of us to reduce our footprint everywhere we tread. So, grab a Turtle and enjoy a softening, cypress-sandalwood-pine soak (Geo Phyzz, anyone?) complete with agar agar strands that float in the water to remind us about the threat to turtles, but won't harm our waterways.
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How to Use

Put your jelly bomb into the tub and help it dissolve by holding it under the running water, swirling it around in the tub or playing with it as it slowly fizzes.


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Turtle time!

Austin, TX | 6 days ago

I love turtles and bought 2 of these when I discovered them!! Smells amazing and turns the water a very 90's/00's slime green color! The jelly consistency of the bath bomb was kind of weird and not my cup of tea but that's also probably 1% of what the turtle feel with all of the trash in the ocean so I can't really complain!!!!
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My daughter loves it!

texas | 6 days ago

My Daughter loves bath bombs but I only ever get her Lush due to her Eczema. After the bath, her skin is super hydrated ❤ Lush is worth every dollar!
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Love love love the surprise

Newfoundland | 10 days ago

I have been trying a variety of bath bombs trying to explore all the options and I love the ones that have a little surprise... the slime omg awesome ! At first I was confused then I just loved it , no mess a beautiful smell and so relaxing ! This is something I will return to !
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I want a million of these!

Spokane, Wa | 19 days ago

I bought this turtle when I was on a trip in Washington, DC. I love turtles. Absolutely love them. I was walking by lush and it caught my eye so of course I had to go buy one. It smells absolutely amazing and I wish I would've bought all of them while I was there. This is the perfect thing for anyone!
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Probably my most favorite bath bomb

FDL | 1 month ago

I love the shape, the animal choice, the concern behind the bomb. the jelly just adds so much to it, and the colors are mesmerizing. the smell is intoxicating, I have bought this over and over and over and will continue to do so. I wish the large turtle was available. please bring it back!!!!!!
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i loved this!

Alta Loma, CA | 1 month ago

i really liked the jellies, i know i saw some complaints about how it stuck to the tub after, but it didn't bother me as much because since it's a gel, it does stick. but it was easy to wash off. the tub was such a beautiful green color and if you pair this bomb to nature music or some slow hawaiian music, you'll feel like you're in Hawai'i
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Loved it!

East coast | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This is actually one of my favorites now. I love sea turtles anyway and then the color of the water is beautiful and the feel of the water is nice and moisturizing. It didn't feel like slime to me it just felt like a nice shower gel that was diluted. If you're in there long enough it doesn't stick to your skin. If you take a super short bath you'll have to break down the little globules with your fingers but it's kind of fun cuz there's fizz in the middle of them. A beautiful bath bomb and it smells nice and feels nice. My skin doesn't feel dried out at all I'll be buying it again.
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Save the turtles

Decatur,AL | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This was the most fun bath bomb I ever bought, the "plastic" was so much fun to look for, there wasnt too much slime, the color was AMAZING I LOVE IT
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One of our favorites

Tacoma, WA | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Great color (bright green bath water), scent and a really fun texture (jelly/slime!) . Love the turtle theme and the conservation message with the agar agar!
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Oshawa | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I didn't know how to use it at first just thought it was a regular bathbomb. I love turtles 🐢 so great job
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