Under the seaweed
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If you’re feeling like a nervous wreck, drop Melusine a line. This mesmerising mermaid bath bomb was made with a scent similar to the much-loved Avocado Co-Wash, now in fizzy bath bomb form. The shimmering turquoise waters are sure to make waves with an infusion of lemony litsea cubeba and cheerful bergamot oil while carrageenan extract and olibanum oil hydate and nourish the skin. Watch your cares drift away with this limited edition undersea wonder.
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Fill your tub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance.

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Mhmmmmm 😋

North Bay, ON | 2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Loved this one. This one reminds me a lot of Guardian of the Forest (my favourite, but has been discontinued) so I thought this one was a nice dupe! The smell is a little fruitier than GOTF but I loved it. The smell was lovely, the colours were vibrant and my bath water was bright, shimmery green ❤️ Repurchasing!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

My Fav Bathbomb!!!

Alabama | 2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I Love everything about this bathbomb! Not sure why others say the salt hurts because I didn't find that to be the case and the salt dissolves very quickly. It smells amazing, is super moisturizing, and creates great bathart. Until trying this one, my fav was Turmeric Latte but this one has taken the #1 spot.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Intergalactic Mermaid Vibes

AZ | 2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Love this scent! The bath bomb is super pretty, sort of slow fizzing. I read the reviews below about large chunks of salt, but I didn't experience anything of the sort. The glitter is does remain after the bath but a quick rinse off doesn't get rid of how soft your skin is after using. 10/10 will buy again!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

A must have

Tampa Florida | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This bath bomb is SOOOO moisturizing and the color is beautiful and has a ton of glitter and smells nice too; it's also a very slow melting bath bomb a must have
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

It was alright

regina | 3 months ago

I didn't have any issues with the large chunks of salt. I understand what the other reviewers were talking about, but for me, they dissolved rather quickly. I just overall, found this one a littler underwhelming.

Nice Pick Me Up

Cookstown | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I quite enjoyed this product.. I am not sure what everyone means by it hurt and there was sharp pieces. Although it did leave my skin quite glittery afterwards, so just rinse off after. The smell was nice, and the fizz was good. I quite enjoyed the bluey green water soak!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Too much glitter

Ponte Vedra Beach | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Too much glitter. Fragrance was nice but all the glitter made a mess in the bathtub, on wash clause, on bath towels. Definitely would not purchase again

It smelled nice, but didn't feel nice.

Winnipeg | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I kept feeling sharp pokes on my skin throughout my entire bath with this bomb. I had to take a shower a few hours afterwards because I couldn't sleep from the prickling sensations. Perhaps it was the glitter. The colour and smell is pleasant, but I wouldn't buy this again.

Don't Buy

Fresno, CA | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This was purchased because i was sick and was hoping to find something soothing and relaxing. I got everything but soothing and relaxing! This bath bomb is like bathing in GLASS! It is the most uncomfortable bath bomb i have ever used. Probably the worst purchase from Lush will be contacting their corporate office.

OUCH - shards of glitter!

Salt Lake City | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Should've listened to other reviewers before buying this bath bomb! I thought that the glitter in here might be similar to what is in Intergalactic (micro small). But nope, there's little shards of glitter that will shank your skin all over the place and not leave your skin feeling all that great! I was only in the bath for a minute max before I decided enough was enough and drained the tub and literally flushed my $8 down the drain. Even after showering, shards of glitter were present on my towel when I tried off and my skin is irritated.
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