Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat

Hop in the tub right meow
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Feelin' lucky? This pink kitty beckons you to the bath with its botanical scent. Fizzing fast into fluffy fuchsia waters, Lucky Cat's multi-colored stars burst from the center, waving in good fortune and leaving you feline fine. With a classic, botanical blend of jasmine absolute, neroli and ylang ylang, this is one fresh and floral kitty that'll leave you feeling brand mew.
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Fill your tub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance.

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Honest Review

KCMO | 1 day ago

I was really excited for this one. But it's just not up to my LUSH standards. It fizzled out so quickly I feel like it must have been hollow in the middle. It's not overly perfumed, but a really lovely scent. The water was an off putting apple juice color with a floating hot pink that stained my skin. There was a little bit of a shimmer and sparkle. However one of my favorite things about this company is that after my baths my skin is soft and moisturized. This left me dry and disappointed. Honestly this isn't very luscious which was a bummer. I would not recommend this one.

One of the best yet!

Portland, OR | 6 days ago

Smells wonderful! Like jasmine in bloom on a warm summer day. Turns the water orange-pink with dense, stable white foam. Adding this to my list of favorites!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

New favourite bath bomb, maybe y'all got a bad batch?

Nova Scotia! | 11 days ago

My boyfriend got me this as I'm a HUGE cat lover. I don't know what y'all are talking about but for the price this is an incredible bath bomb!! The scent is absolutely stunning and I can't get over how pretty the water is. Didn't stain my tub and the little plastic stars where really fun! I've also used practically ever lush product known to man and this is by far one of my new favs! Hoping you all get the enjoy the batch I got it was purchased around the first of week of June :).

I would buy it... for one of my kids

Dallas, Tx | 16 days ago

It wasn't what I was looking for. The color of the water was orange, pink. No shimmer. And some tiny bath melt stars. The smell was bubblegum and very noticeable. This would be a good product for a child, if you're looking for something fun and simple.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Maybe I got a better batch

Houston, TX | 1 month ago

Idk why so many people hate this but mine smelled wonderful. My water was a pretty shade of pink. There was also some cute little white and pink stars that came out. I do wish they added more of those. I did take a star off because it did stain my tub but it came right out when I used a bleach tub cleaner.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Most disappointing bath bomb ever

Montréal | 1 month ago

Almost no color, and only a small bunch of very small cheap star that just add more to the insult that this bath bomb is. I felt like it was a joke. It was completely dissolved in less than a minute. And on the top of that, it smelled almost nothing. The facemask that I'm wearing in the bath smells more than that cheap bath bomb. I felt like I've wasted my money on pure disappointment. It's the first time I'm not happy with a Lush product.

One of the worst bath bombs ever

Clermont, Florida | 3 months ago

Was so excited to try this HOT PINK bathbomb cause so far the 4 that I have used from my last trip to my not so local lush... has left me with brown / apple juice / pee colored water. I was advised in store that this would give me lots of sparkle and a nice magenta- y tub. Wrong wrong wrong. I WAS left with a nice magenta ring at the top of my tub that won't come off and the lightest pee colored water that has zero smell. So much of a disappointment, and waste of money. Hopefully one of my last two will give me a nice relaxing bath other wise this will be my last trip to lush. =\

Bad kitty

FL | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Zero smell in tub. Fizzled out fast. Color of urine water. Seriously bummed.

Nope not for me

Pennsylvania | 4 months ago

It's adorable dry but when I put it in the tub it looked like a fant yellow color like urine, no sparkle or smell either.. mabey I just got an unlucky one 😬👎

Cute, but stains

Toronto | 4 months ago

It's got an eyeshadowy pigment coating that is super fun, but does leave a pretty solid ring, on my tub at least. Bought it for my preschooler. Loved the 'messy' factor handling it, we both enjoyed watching the layers deteriorate, and I loved the floral scent. This bomb lets off a bunch of those multicolored stars that dissolve into the water nicely. Super fun!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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