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For up to three baths
This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
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These goodies are available online now, and will start hopping into stores starting March 18th—check with your local shop to confirm availability.

Unearth your very own moldable dinosaur from inside this fizzing egg! Drop one half of the egg (or both) into the tub and relax as popping candy crackles and fizzes. Uplifting grapefruit and bergamot oil make bad moods ancient history while baking soda cleanses and softens skin. Bring your dino into the tub for a dip, use it as a body wash or save it until next time, when you can crumble it under running water for a fragrant, bubbly bath.

How to use: Drop into your bath water, then use the dino as a bubble bath, shampoo or soap.