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Black Rose
Black Rose
Black Rose
Black Rose
Black Rose

Black Rose

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When two ingredients really love each other, they come together to make a scent so intoxicating, it's nearly irresistible. Black Rose's scintillating blend of rose and lemon oils is unleashed the moment this fizzer hits the water. As it dissolves, its deep, dark color cloaks you in delightful mystery as fair trade organic cocoa butter keeps your bath water and skin feeling soft, soothed and luxurious.
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Black Rose
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Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance.

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I would never buy this again..but great smell.

Kentwood mi | 2 days ago

I tried it out and it completely stained my bath tub black and my skin.. But the scent was really good.

No I wouldn't

Nanaimo | 4 days ago

It was pretty but I really don't like how it stained your tub at all will never buy this one again!!!


Omana, NE | 4 days ago

do not buy this bath bomb unless you want your shower, curtains, nails and body to be stained black, impossible to scrub off.

Stains are Plaguing my Nightmares

Massachusetts | 5 days ago

I loved the way this smelled and looked. I was very pleased while in the bath. After I noticed some residue but figured it would be no big deal, so I rinsed off my body and attempted to rinse off the tub. Nothing budged. I then tried my scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner which I use weekly to clean the tub, nothing. I filled the tub back up in a solution of 50% bleach and 50% hot water and it's still stained! Ive used that bleach bath to remove HAIR DYE from my tub and yet it didn't touch the abomination of staining that this left on my tub. The reviews saying this should be expected, are you ok? I figured it would leave some residue but this is absolutely absurd. I would never have bought or used this thing if I knew the degree to which it would stain. I have RA so my hands hurt too badly to keep trying to scrub it, I may hire a professional to try. I hope I'm able to get the stains off before I move out of this apartment. Don't buy this unless you hate yourself

Covered in staind black smudge

Illinois | 5 days ago

Smells wonderful but leaves you and the bath tub looking like a charcoal mess :(

Please stay away from this one!

Arkansas | 6 days ago

I got this one a little while ago thinking it would be fun to try! I knew there would be at least SOME discoloration, since it is a black bath bomb after all... But I was NOT expecting my bathtub to look like I summoned an ash demon from it for 3 days!! Please do not use unless you want to look like you belong in a horror game... I was stained and my towels were stained a sooty grey color. It also didn't even smell like anything?

Terrible mess.

Columbus Ohio | 6 days ago

The person at the store said this would turn a nice purple color in the water. I purchased it for a treat for my birthday and I didn't expect to be scrubbing the tub afterwards. I didn't stay in the water for as long as I usually do because I could see the black was settling in on places on my skin and was worried about staining.

I should of read the reviews!!

Puyallup WA | 9 days ago

The smell is amazing and the color is awesome until you drain your tub! OMG!! My skin was stained I had to scrub after the fact and then scrub my tub a lot!! The only thing that worked to get it off is MAGIC ERASERS LADIES!! Took some a scrubbing but was able to get it off. I should of read the reviews but never thought it to be a problem cause everything else from lush is amazing

Lovely smell and pretty bubbles

Kyle, TX | 11 days ago

Yes, it will stain your tub and leave you looking like you're sooty enough to have just crawled out of a dirty chimney, but for some reason I found that very funny. Would definitely recommend to my friends given they know the effects beforehand. 10/10 would buy again.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Get ready to CLEAN!

San Marcos, TX | 11 days ago

First things first, I knew I'd have to clean my tub. That's to be expected of any dark-coloured bath bomb--I've used several from other brands and have had to do a quick wash-out of the tub after using. So I don't think I'm being unfair in this negative review. Yes, it smells incredible. but there are so many other nice scents you can go with if you want a Lush bath bomb! This isn't worth the struggle! It didn't just stain my tub black, but my skin and fingernails (one week later, my fingernails finally stopped looking a nasty light grey). I had to shower afterwards with a complete scrub-down (kind of ruins the point of a bath bomb, which is to scent and moisturise the body, but okay), and then... the tub. Bleach didn't work. Tub cleaner didn't work. The only thing that worked was a generous sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda and a lot of scrubbing with a rag. (and don't use a washcloth or towel you like, as that rag is now well-stained.) The bath was fun! The aftermath, not so much. Caveat emptor.
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