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Discover your new fave fizzer

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Turn groggy mornings into happy beginnings. These fizzy friends bask your senses in refreshing blasts of grapefruit, rosemary and peppermint so you'll feel oh-so-fresh.

Get uplifted


These fizzers are full of calming ingredients like lavender, vanilla, chamomile and sandalwood to send you off to dreamland—no sheep-counting required.

Feel relaxed
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Turn up the fun factor and delight your inner child (or your actual children) with playful, interactive inventions for the tub.

Have some fun


Set the mood with a sensual soak full of intoxicating ingredients like jasmine, rose and vanilla. Tub built for two not included.

Ooh la la
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Find comfort in these cozy, nostalgic bath bombs. It's like snuggling into your favorite blanket; notes of cocoa, vanilla and lavender take you under their wings.

Feel comforted


Practice mindfulness in the tub with expertly blended grounding ingredients like frankincense, cypress and lavender.

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