Trophy Hunting: Not Wanted in BC

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Wolves and bears in British Columbia are in trouble and they need our help. The provincial government is proposing to increase the number of kills allowed for wolves and grizzly bears for BC resident trophy hunters in the Peace region. Wolf kills would be unlimited while the number of grizzly bear kills would triple.

It’s time to take action and let the BC government know that this proposal is completely unacceptable! However, this is a three-step process that’s not as easy as it seems. Don’t worry, though, we’ll walk you through it.

Step 1: Create an account.

Visit the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. You’ll need to “Create a New Account” before you login in order to add your comment.

Note: Choose “non-affiliated” in the organization section, if you’re unsure.

Step 2: Log in.

Once you complete step 1, you’ll receive an email with a temporary password. If you don't, check your spam folder. Log in using the provided password, create a new password and then log in. Once you’ve logged in, you’re ready to comment.

Step 3: Comment on both proposals.

To comment on each of the proposals, click:

#2124 Amend season dates and bag limit for Wolves 

#2147 Amend grizzly bear range of authorization for limited entry hunting zone 7-52 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "comment".

At the top, be sure “oppose” is selected. The system should automatically do this for you. 

Don't forget to check your opposition at the top!

Choosing opposition

Here are a few points you can use in your message:
- The province cites ‘verbal reports’ and ‘best guess’ as the rationale for increasing limits – facts with no basis in science.
- The proposal to remove limits on wolf kills has been argued to be a “broader predator management strategy” but acknowledges that this strategy has not yet been developed. Wildlife management needs to consider a broader wildlife strategy.
- There’s no scientific evidence to back up the rationale behind this proposal.
- 95% of BC residents polled are opposed to trophy hunting.

Once you’ve made your comment, hit submit!

At Lush we believe the unnecessary slaughter of these animals has no place in modern society; it’s unethical, unsustainable and inhumane. We’re working closely with the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and Wolf Awareness to urge action to prevent the amendment of wolf and bear hunt regulations.

If you’re a BC resident, let your representatives know how you feel! Locate your Member of Legislative Assembly and send your comments to them along with Premier Christy ClarkSteve Thomson, the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources and Mary Polak, the Minister of Environment.Together, we need to speak up for wolves and bears. Don't delay! You MUST comment before January 31.

Thanks for your support!

Photo credit: Wolf Awareness