Christmas All Wrapped Up

Handmade gifts for everyone on your list
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Makin’ a list? Checkin’ it twice? Whether everyone on it has been naughty or nice, let’s face it: shopping for Christmas gifts is hard work, so we try to make it easy with our range of gifts. It’s Christmas all wrapped up, so all you have to do is pick one and give to everyone.

Handpicked LUSH delights

Every gift in our Christmas range features a collection of goodies that are made to delight whoever you’re giving it to. Have a bath lover on your list? Our Nightingale and Rudolph gifts feature a beautiful selection of Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars, while Winter Garden, Festive Cheer and Star of Wonder make it easy to bring a little cheer to those who prefer to do it standing up.

With so many gifts to choose from, check out our handy Gift Guide. It’ll help you find everything you’re looking for easily.


We don’t just put a whole lotta love inside our gifts, we make sure the outside gets just as much care and attention, too. Our packaging is all ethically sourced and reusable (so long as you don’t tear into the paper), and is then wrapped up perfectly by a real, live person. It’s all the same love and care that you’d put into a gift yourself, but we do it all for you.

Want to create a custom gift for your loved ones? Perfect. Pick a few goodies and a Knot-Wrap, then we’ll wrap it for you whether you’re shopping in-store or online!

Hatboxes, tins and Knot-Wraps

All of our hatboxes and tins are uniquely designed by designers, freelancers or artists to give it something extra special – it also makes them well worth keeping! Our tins also make a durable gift option that will survive a rigorous journey when you need it to.

This year, we’ve got three gifts featuring Knot-Wraps! Cozy Christmas, Rudolph and Sweet Christmas are like giving two gifts in one. All the goodies on the inside plus the reusable Knot-Wrap that helps cut down on holiday waste, while giving everyone a little something extra!