What's New For Mother's Day?

Limited edition treats for Mom
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This Mother's Day, make the original superhero feel like the queen she is with limited edition delights that'll leave her soft, smooth and ready to take on the world.

Take to the tub

Even supermoms need to recharge sometimes, and what better way to relax than escaping to the tub? We’ve created a colorful, fragrant bunch of limited edition treats to suit every mood. These solid bath time delights are entirely self-preserving, meaning they don’t need any synthetic preservatives to stay fresh.

The new Baa Bar Bubble Bar is the perfect way to send Ma off to dreamland. Its tranquil scent trifecta of clove, jasmine and lavender makes for a soothing blanket of fluffy foam that’s far more effective than counting sheep.

If it’s a refreshing pick-me-up Mom’s after, Elsie The Giraffe (You're Havin' A Bath) Reusable Bubble Bar's lime, grapefruit and lemon oils deliver an uplifting energy burst. The best part? She can use Elsie for multiple baths—just let it dry between uses.

Elsie The Giraffe (You're Havin' A Bath) Reusable Bubble Bar in use

You know how moms seem to mysteriously know everything? She should definitely know about Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar. This pastel bubbler will transport her to a zen place with a grounding blend of neroli, grapefruit and rosewood oil.

If Mom’s more of a fizz fan, we have bath bombs galore to fill her tub with #bathart. Mum Bath Bomb’s blissful blend of sweet orange and rose oils create the perfect escape from reality—if only for a few moments. Choose between yellow and pink, or get her both!

Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb is even better than the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet. This fizzer releases serious springtime cheer with its groovy multicolor swirls and grounding rosewood-orange perfume.

Shower and Body

Luxury shouldn’t be limited to lavish soaks in the tub. Whether it’s a quick morning shower or a mid-day hand wash, these self-preserving delights bring bits of bliss to Mom’s daily routine.

One whiff of the sweet, wobbly Pink Custard Shower Jelly and Mom will be smitten. Its rich coconut milk and vanilla lather will leave her skin velvety-soft and smelling dreamy all day.

For a seriously softening scrub, Scrubee Body Butter means bzzness. Exfoliating ground almonds meet hydrating honey, cocoa and shea butters for the sweetest-smelling, softest skin possible.

Scrubee Body Butter in use

The sweetest Moms deserve the sweetest showers. Enter Yummy Mummy Shower Cream. This luscious strawberry-scented indulgence is full of fair trade organic cocoa butter to leave skin irresistibly soft and smelling divine—yummy indeed!

Brighten Mom’s day every time she lathers up with these sunny tangerine suds. Sunrise Soap’s organic silken tofu, murumuru butter and succulent mandarin oil perfume will set Mom’s spirits alight and keep her skin silky soft, too.

Gifts for Mom

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that’s all wrapped up and ready to give? These gorgeous hand-packed presents will make her day, and each one contains entirely self-preserving treats.

If Mom loves her time in the tub, Best Friends and Take Five gifts will give her loads of opportunities to relax and recharge. Happy Mother’s Day mixes the best of shower and bath time delights in a biodegradable plant pot with plantable seeded paper, all wrapped up in a bright fabric Knot-Wrap.

Shower Mom in luxurious treats—no tub required. Mom, For Mom and Thanks Mom gifts are full of shower time delights from our limited edition Mother’s Day range and some of our year-round bestsellers.

Mom Gift

If you’d prefer to create your own gift for Mom, check out our limited edition reusable Knot-Wraps—these gorgeous floral gift wraps add the perfect flourish to any gift and Mom will love reusing it to wrap another gift or as a colorful accessory.

Check out our entire Mother’s Day range online, or visit your local shop to see it in person.

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