The Future Looks Naked

Stripping away excess packaging
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When it comes to packaging, less is more, and none is even better.

35 percent of our products are totally unpackaged, or as we like to say, naked. Formulating products that can be sold without any packaging at all is something we’ve done from the very beginning, because they’re good for the environment and great for your skin and hair.

Stripped down

Excess packaging for consumer products contributes in a serious way to plastic pollution. Since we’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact, we have naked options for almost all of your cosmetics needs: body scrubs, massage bars, shampoo bars, solid conditioners and more. And that’s not their only benefit: our solid shampoo bars, for example, are so concentrated that one will outlast three 8 oz bottles of liquid shampoo! That’s good for your wallet and the environment as well.

Naked scrubs: just as good as their packaged counterparts.

Naked scrubs: just as good as their packaged counterparts.

Nature's finest

Bacteria that can spoil products need water to survive and grow. Thankfully, our solid products are formulated with little to no water, making them innately self-preserving—they don’t need synthetic preservatives to stay fresh. They’re also packed full of fantastic, versatile ingredients like cocoa butter, salt and honey that make it difficult for bacteria to flourish while also giving products an even more luxurious feel on your skin and hair.

Ready to fly

Heading on holiday? Our solid, naked products are also super convenient travel buddies because they’re naturally leak-proof: you can say goodbye to messy surprises in your suitcase. Just throw your favorite naked products in your carry-on bag and enjoy breezing through airport security with a gorgeous fragrance in your wake.

Ready for a nude awakening? Check out all of our naked products and visit your local store or chat with our customer care team at 1-888-733-5874 to see what naked products are best for you.

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