Join us and All Out in support of LGBTQ rights in Russia.

We champion everyone’s right to love, and we believe that ALL our employees, customers and communities should be protected equally. This Valentine’s Day, the world spotlight is on the Russian Olympics. We stand with all citizens who are calling on the Russian government to stop fueling anti-gay violence.

Show us your sign of love:

Step 1:

Draw a pink triangle on
your body

Step 2:

Snap a selfie showing
off your pink triangle

Step 3:

Post your photo with
the hashtag #signoflove

Meet our campaign partner

We’ve partnered with All Out: a fantastic non-profit organization that’s helping people all over the world get the freedom they need to love who they choose. From petitioning a world leader to organizing a flash mob, All Out is challenging homophobic laws and attitudes, and is working to end violence and discrimination against the LGBTQ community worldwide.