We Love it Naked!

We’re aware that most people know us as “that smelly soap shop”. But did you know why our shops smell so strongly? It’s because approximately 70% of our products are packaging-free.

There’s no packaging between your nose and the essential oil blends in our naked products. We’ve invented ways to make them solid and sell them naked instead so that we don’t have to use packaging.

Taking away the packaging allows us to focus all our money on using beautiful ingredients in our products, because we don’t have to pay for any wrap. It also allows us to go without preservatives, which are most often needed in liquid products. And then there’s the obvious reason, that packaging is wasteful and environmentally un-friendly. Our soap, Bath Bombs, Bubble Bar Slices, shampoo bars, massage bars, body butters, solid body tints and facial cleansers are solid alternatives and just as effective (if not more) than their liquid counterparts.

That being said, there are lovely liquid ingredients that are so wonderful for your skin and hair that we do use them in the other 30% of our products. In those cases, we use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic pots and bottles, and to encourage closed-loop recycling, we offer a free Fresh Face Mask with every 5 empty, clean black pots you bring back to a LUSH shop.