Our dreams of having our own community garden have finally come true! A seed of an idea originally planted by Reggie Tika, Compounder Extraordinaire has now grown and come into fruition.

Our volunteer team designed the garden layout and pre-planted seeds in the used LUSH black pots (that YOU sent back to us) a few weeks prior to planting. The seedlings were cared for at the Vancouver Manufacturing facility until they grew into seedling-hood. Meanwhile, our Construction Department built the planter boxes from woodshop off-cuts and we filled them with a local organic soil from the Terra Nova Farm Centre.

A quarter of the seeds were transplanted from the black pots and the others were planted directly into the soil. After shoveling a few tons of soil into the boxes (thank goodness for LUSH deodorants), we planted a variety of herbs and flowers to compliment the wide assortment of vegetables some of which include: kale, cucumber, tomatoes, peas, onions, lettuce, beans, chard, beets, zucchini, carrots, sunflowers, thyme, sage, basil, lavender, violas, Wildflowers, and much much more!!

Outfitted with a garden compost, mason bee houses (bees too!) and hummingbird feeders, our community garden will now be a place for staff to take a mid-day retreat, and to sit and enjoy their lunch while basking in the ample sun of the Pacific Northwest... that's a joke...

What are the Eco-Benefits? This installation will improve our urban ecosystem by filtering rainwater and helping to keep lakes, rivers, and groundwater clean; restoring oxygen into the air and helping to reduce air pollution (especially in our industrial location) through the gas exchange systems of leaves and soils; and help to reduce soil erosion and runoff. Our first season has been incredibly successful with several harvest parties and fresh produce for many of our lucky staff members. Plans are already underway for next year's planting.