Don't focus on the ingredients, focus on how it makes you feel and remember.

Get something that expresses exactly who you are. People will remember the scent you wear daily long after you've stopped smelling it.

If you find one you truly love, buy the bottle. It will last longer. Buy the solid to use on the ends of your hair - you'll smell the beautiful scent all day!

If you don't know where to turn, ask one of the sales assistants and get an in depth fragrance consultation.

Get it on your skin but always take a smelling strip home with you, keep it in your bag so you can smell bursts of the fragrance every time you hunt for your keys.

Don't be tempted by expensive packaging - never judge a perfume by its' bottle

Allow yourself to be surprised! Sometimes we can be a little unsure of a fragrance at first, but if we actually give it a go, it could suddenly turn into the best thing you've ever smelled in your life!

Let it develop on your skin. Fine fragrances like ours, especially because of their high essential oil content, change and develop on your skin over time. So spray some on and go for a nice coffee or a sit down and keep smelling yourself every few minutes. You may look a bit crazy but it will really tell you what the fragrance will smell like on you.

See how many compliments you get! We all love to get compliments, and perfume is a great excuse to get close to people. So take a fragrance out for a test run, and hug as many people as possible and see what they say (there is the added bonus of spreading some love around).