Figs and Leaves Soap

Mark’s sister is a yoga teacher. Being in touch with her, let’s say ‘spiritual side’, Mark thinks that she has some rather ‘interesting’ beliefs – one of which is that she believes that everyone has a guardian angel. Some years ago, she told Mark that their Aunty Joy was his guardian angel. He found this more than a little disconcerting, because as much as he liked his Aunty Joy, he didn’t necessarily like the thought that she was always hanging over his shoulder in whatever he did! One day though he decided that her in honour, he would make a perfume called Aunty Joy. He had fond memories of her - she used to come to his Nan’s house and bring him comics every Saturday.

Mark’s very proud of this fragrance. He thinks it’s probably one of the nicest soap fragrances he’s ever done for a soap. In addition, he really likes the soap itself. Figs are incredibly moisturizing and make a lovely soap for the skin. We always put the whole fruit in (did you ever think otherwise!) – those spotty bits you can see are the fig seeds. Mixed with aloe vera, it makes a really wonderful soap for the face and body.