Blackboards and Handwritten Signage

When Cosmetics To Go went bust, the LUSH co-founders weren't left with an awful lot. In fact, when they dusted off their jackets and braved going back into 29 High Street to start trading again, all they had was a handful of soap noodles, some greaseproof paper and just about enough money to buy some oranges and cinnamon from the local supermarket.

That day, they made and sold orange and cinnamon soap. Once they had sold that batch, they would be ready to make a new soap, perhaps with different ingredients. To advertise their wares, they found a bit of chalkboard and some chalk to write up what the 'soap of the day' was.

Every day, Rowena would write up the names on the blackboard. Then one day, Jo Evans came along to the shop to ask for a job. She was LUSH's first ever employee. Somehow, Jo ended up with the task of writing out all the blackboards for the new creations that were once again popping out from the LUSH labs.

The 'LUSH font' that you see on all of the blackboards, signs, and pots is Jo's actual handwriting. We've had it for 17 years now and it's never going to change -- we like it too much.

As we've grown the business, we've needed more and more people to join the team and copy Jo's handwriting. After all, she can't be expected to go and visit every shop up and down the country writing out the blackboards by hand all on her own!