A Message from Helen Ambrosen, Inventor of Toothy Tabs

Dear All,

It's lovely to say Hello! I just wanted to give you confidence in our latest new invention - Toothy Tabs.

People don't think or know what's in toothpaste, or question it even! We're taught to use toothpaste when we're about 2, our Mums teach us to use it and it stays as a part of our routine. Then along come the Toothy Tabs, which challenge our habits and traditions.

Peppermint toothpaste is the perfect cosmetic product and it was invented in the 1800s. Most people in the world these days use peppermint toothpaste every single day. We take it for granted! So that's what we're up against.

We all know and love sodium bicarbonate. My task was to create a really good sodium bicarbonate toothpaste, as it cleans and whitens the teeth. It wasn't too difficult to turn it into a solid product. Therefore, the product didn't need to be packaged in the same way as 'normal' toothpaste. I used sodium bicarbonate with cream of tartar and together they are actually baking powder. This is used in cakes and pastries to make a light, fluffy texture -- so we've all eaten loads of it! After working on the Toner Tabs, the name Toothy Tabs seemed to evolve naturally.

Toothy Tabs also contain a gentle abrasive -- dicalcium phosphate dihydrate. A little bit of glycerine to make sure the tongue and gums are softened. Sodium lauroyl sarcosine is a surfactant, which gives the foam that everyone likes. This is used in many major brands of toothpaste. A surfactant is needed to dissolve residue that builds up on the teeth. This comes from breakdown of food in the saliva.

Sodium saccharin is in the recipe, as without it, the sodium bicarbonate tastes very bitter. It is the most widely used, non-sugar based sweetener, which is why I chose to use it.

We use beautiful ingredients, such as essentials oils and fine spices, which is unique in the world of toothpastes. All the materials are acceptable for use as flavours in foods. We want to talk about these beautiful ingredients, as they are lovely and also very effective.

A toothbrush is always needed to clean the teeth properly -- Toothy Tabs, and all toothpastes, make the brush go round. Simply chewing a Toothy Tab won't work. You do need your toothbrush.

We haven't added any fluoride. Some people don't like to use products containing fluoride -- it's already in tap water in many areas around the UK. Perhaps, if people are worried, they can alternate between Toothy Tabs and their regular toothpaste.

I do hope you enjoy using Toothy Tabs yourself. Because by doing so, we are saving billions of tubes and boxes from going to landfill. Toothy Tabs are a great product and they work really well. They clean the teeth effectively, and once you've given up your tubes of toothpaste, you won't look back!

With lots of love from

Helen Ambrosen

LUSH inventor and co-founder