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The biggest, brightest and most exciting new features of our website.

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No more lost passwords or usernames! Simply sign into our site with your favorite social network or email provider.

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(Gaming Badges)

Unlock LUSH badges for interacting on the site. The more you review, comment and discuss- the more badges you earn! Want to see how you stack up? Check the leader boards.

Subtlety is so 2011

(Gift Registry)

Take the guesswork out of gift giving. Sign up for your own gift registry and people can visit, purchase and have your goodies delivered confidentially to an address of your choosing.

Brush up on your LUSH


Go behind the scenes to discover even more about your favorite products, inventors, ingredients and the best LUSH tips & tricks.

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Sharing is caring. Tell your friends about your all-time LUSH favorites via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

You've Got Questions, Our Customers Have Answers


Have a question about Henna? Looking for a product suggestion? Engage in Q&A with fellow customers, LUSH Staff and Customer Care Experts.

Tell Us How You Really Feel


Like it? Love it? Think it's coolest thing since sliced soap? Click and tell us!

For Your Viewing Pleasure

(Multiple Category Views)

Any way you want it, that's the way you need it! Choose from three different layouts when viewing categories pages.

LUSH from A - Z

(Improved LUSHopedia)

We're proud of every ingredient we use in our products. Explore LUSHopedia for detailed information on each one.

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See what your friends are up to, which articles they're commenting on, and what they're asking in our Q&A section. And then beat them to the next badge!

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Click on the product image to get a pop up window with all the details. Love what you're seeing? Click More!

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Size does matter! View your most-wanted products in full form.

Dream a Little Dream of LUSH


Keep track of your most-wanted LUSH products by adding to your wish list as you browse. Have a birthday coming up? Publish or share it with family and friends.

Apples to Oranges

(Compare Products)

Line up your LUSH to compare benefits, ingredients, fragrance and fizzing power. Or, you know, you could just bring the whole lot home!

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(Mobile Site)

Access LUSH on your mobile device with our new mobile site! Restocking your favorite shower gel or cleanser has never been easier.

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(Pinterest & LUSH)

Customers can pin to their heart's content, sharing their favourites with all their followers.