The Future Looks Naked

Stripping away excess packaging
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This year, why not strip off the excess packaging? Plenty of beautiful massage bars, bath bombs, soaps and more are available completely naked. They're better for the environment while still being effective for you.

Down to Earth

Going naked is much better for the great outdoors.

When we first introduced body butters, our customers couldn’t get enough and by choosing these over their liquid counterparts, you helped keep excess packaging out of landfills! By simply making the switch to a solid body butter, that helped keep thousands of pounds of packaging from heading to landfill. Even our solid shampoo bars mean that millions of shampoo bottles never need to be created—or sent to landfills.

Similarly, when you buy online your products are nestled in packing peanuts called Renature, which are made from vegetable starch. 100% biodegradable, these cushiony protectors are water soluble, compostable and completely odorless. They keep your shipped items safe and can be tossed into your compost bin with all of your other organic waste!

Nature's Finest

Going naked also increases the likelihood of a product being self-preserving, so no preservatives are needed to keep them fresh. Bacteria require certain conditions to grow, including water. Solid, naked products like body butters are formulated with little to no water and are therefore innately self-preserving. They’re also packed full of fair trade organic cocoa butter which remains solid at room temperature, making it difficult for bacteria to flourish. Fantastic, versatile ingredients like clay, calamine, kaolin, honey and glycerin can then be added without altering the products' solid form.

Lush co-founder Mark Constantine once said: “Packaging is rubbish and for too long we had had to suffer excessive amounts of it. Now that the true financial and environmental costs are becoming obvious, customers are challenging manufacturers and retailers to cut the wrap. Companies like ours need to think out of the box and present customers with innovations that allow them to buy truly naked products.”

Nearly 35% of all of our Lush products are currently totally unpackaged and naked...and we’re working on the rest!

Going naked is much better for the great outdoors.
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