Our very first LUSH Spas in North America have opened in New York City and Philadelphia!

We've created a traditional English spa, complete with jars of fresh wild flowers, mismatched vintage teacups and old-fashioned books lining the shelves. Like all LUSH products, our spa treatments are fresh and handmade. Choose from seven unique treatments and surrender yourself to an experience that lifts you up, takes you on a beautiful journey, and then sets you back on earth feeling serene and radiant.

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A transformative, multi-sensory massage for the mind, body and soul.

Our signature Spa treatment, Synaesthesia is a complete merging of the senses into a fully choreographed massage. Simply choose how you want to feel from eleven different emotional states, and then your therapist will take you on an incredible journey into deep, complete relaxation.

Dive into a world of pure imagination with a hot chocolate body scrub.

The Comforter? brings a typical exfoliation treatment in from the cold with warm oils, rolling body massage and music reminiscent of sweet childhood memories. The Comforter? features a sumptuous hot chocolate scrub and velvety rose body serum invented exclusively for the Spa.


A magical foot treatment to vanquish your worried soul.

Do you want to move forward? The Spell is probably the first step. An enchanting take on the traditional foot treatment, The Spell works magic on the whole body with a foot soak, scrub and massage.

This powerfully meditative treatment helps you listen deeper within.

Ancient rituals of ear candling, tuning fork vibrations, singing bowls and a made-to-measure soundtrack take you on an inspirational journey of the mind, heart and soul. The Sound Bath clears mental chatter and encourages you to listen within.

Get on board and leave your muscle pain on shore.

Inspired by rugged sea shanties, The Good Hour is a full-body deep tissue massage that evokes a sense of being taken out to sea and back again, all in one very good hour. This intensive massage uses unique muscle release techniques to release pain and tension.

A customized version of The Good Hour, tailor made to suit you!

We've tailor made this treatment to suit your body's needs! A shorter, but no less powerful, version of The Good Hour, this treatment gets straight to the deep tissue massage on whichever body part needs the most attention.

A life-affirming face massage to enhance your natural beauty.

The antidote to mass-market facials and cosmetic corrections, Validation is a non-invasive face treatment that instills inner confidence. This treatment taps into the subconscious to make you feel truly beautiful from the inside out.

It might just be the world's most unusual folk music collaboration.

Music is at the heart of the LUSH Spa. It all began when Simon Emmerson invited LUSH co-founder Mark Constantine to his Imagined Village concert. Mark was so struck by Simon's endeavor to celebrate contemporary English culture through song, that it inspired him to create a true English spa. Complete soundtracks will be available for purchase at each Spa location this fall.