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Salt (Sodium Chloride)

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Sodium Chloride chloride is simply salt.

Salt is stimulating, cleansing, antiseptic and astringent.

It is softening for the skin and hydrates it when used in moderation.

Salt is full of minerals. Minerals maintain the water balance essential for healthy life processes. They stabilize the pH levels of the blood and lymphatic system stable. Minerals neutralize wastes and prepare them for elimination.

Salt is used in the production of our palm-free soap base.

Cleansing the skin with soaps containing salt is an excellent way to benefit from this mineral content. The formula de-greases the skin, removing dead skin cells and dirt. It does this without stripping too much natural oil and leaves the skin soft and comfortable.

Sodium chloride can be found in our range of soaps - from Bohemian and Miranda to Ice Blue.

Fine sea salt (Sodium chloride) is harvested from the azure seawater by the shores of Spain, near Cadiz. Seawater is channelled into beds or pans and the water evaporates. This process takes three years and leaves behind crystallized salt.

These salt crystals are free from pesticide waste, heavy metals and radioactivity. Their unrefined qualities ensure the full content of trace minerals is present. Fine grade sea salt means the crystals are ground to a small size. Sea salt is rich in sodium, magnesium and other minerals, all of which are found in seawater. Organic certification is in progress.

Salt is stimulating, cleansing, antiseptic and astringent. It softens the skin and makes hair voluminous.

Soft water makes hair go flat, but salt counteracts this effect. Soft water is generated in regions of hard, impervious rock. Containing no mineral reside, it is literally ‘soft.’

We combine larger sea salt granules in solid shampoo products. When used with ingredients like Irish moss seaweed gel and nori seaweed, the effect on the hair is stunning. Hair is left with volume and great shine. When travelling to areas of soft water, a product like this will keep the hair full of bounce and volume.

When salt is placed in a medium in which it can dissolve, it creates a solution, which can conduct an electric current. Salt is an electrolyte and thickens liquids. Minerals maintain the essential water balances. They do this by drawing chemical substances in and out of cells. Aided by vitamins and amino acids, they keep the pH of the blood and the lymphatic system stable.

Surfactant or shampoo bases contain negatively charged particles or ‘ions.’ The salt solution affects these negatively charged ions, and causes them to re-arrange and thicken. The sea salt within the formulation gives the hair volume and softens the skin of the scalp or body making it an ideal ingredient for our Rub Rub Rub shower gel.

Cleansing the skin with fine sea salt is an excellent way to benefit from this mineral content. The particles exfoliate, clean and soften the skin. A stimulating blend with fresh lime juice and grapefruit infusion is suitable for oily skin and used in our Ocean Salt scrub.

Sea salt can be combined with soothing ingredients like calamine and aloe for dry skin. We use it in our Aqua Marina facial cleanser to cleanses the skin efficiently, and calms and softens, too.