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Rose wax is obtained from the Damask rose (Rosa damascena, from the plant family Rosaceae). Other rose species can be used to produce rose oils and absolutes.

This rose is grown across Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, India and China.

During the production of rose absolute, a solid, colorful and exquisitely aromatic concrete is created first. It contains both the aromatic chemicals and the waxy element of the rose petals.

The concrete is rubbed or washed with alcohol to remove the absolute, which yields about 50%. The remaining solid is rose wax (spent wax).

This wax is used particularly in India for candles and, solid perfumes.

Rose wax retains the faint fragrance of the Damask rose.

This wax is natural and has many soothing properties for the skin.

We use rose wax in Ultrabalm to soothe and smooth very dry skins.