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*Benzyl Cinnamate

Benzyl cinnamate is a crystalline material with a heavy and persistent aroma.

It is a naturally occurring constituent of essential oils, including chamomile, lavender, geranium, lemongrass, benzoin, rose, tagetes and lemon myrtle.

Perfume materials, such as benzyl cinnamate, give our products a unique identity.

The Founders of LUSH formulate both the fragrances and the products, taking immense pride in doing so. This gives us complete control over our products, allowing us to use benzyl cinnamate, among others, as a fragrance material.

Benzyl cinnamate is a useful material in our products with a heavier fragrance.

It can be found in our Vanillary perfume and atomizer, adding to the heavy note of the fragrance.

Our Silky Underwear dusting powder contains benzyl cinnamate as a constituent of essential oils in the product.