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Feb 02.11

7 steps to a romantic Valentine’s night in

Posted In: DIY >> LUSH Life >> How To

This Valentine’s Day, make a point of treating your partner (and yourself!) to a romantic and relaxing evening in. With these handy tips and a little preparation, you’ll be on your way to a sexy soiree in no time. Who knows, maybe it’ll become a regular tradition! >>

Apr 04.26

Employee Profile: Meet Dan Dresser

Posted In: Careers >> Behind the Scenes

Once a Marketing intern and now an MIT in our Massage room, find out why he loves the LUSH Life and making his mum proud. >>

Feb 02.5

Buying Story: Cocoa Butter

Posted In: Ethical Buying >> We Believe

An inspiring story of cocoa butter, resilience, community, and most importantly, peace. >>

Jan 01.27

The Art of Massage

Posted In: How To >> LUSH Life

Studies show that when we do something kind for another person, our own happiness increases. One act of kindness can create a virtuous cycle that brings regular acts of love into your relationship. >>

Oct 10.24

Quick Tips: Massage Bars

Posted In: Video >> Tips and Tricks >> How To

Craving a massage but flying Hands Solo? Erica Vega is back and shares her tips for a relaxing massage when you're unable to convince someone else to give you a rub down. >>

Sep 09.28

Top Five Tips for a Stimulating Massage

Posted In: Tips and Tricks >> How To

Set the mood! Don’t be afraid to light a candle or two, put on some 90’s power ballads (or whatever you find relaxing) and get comfortable. >>