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May 05.15

Let’s Get Growing Part 3: Bee Friendly to Beneficial Bugs

Posted In: DIY >> How To >> Community

Bees and others insects are an important part of a healthy garden. >>

Apr 04.22

Permaculture 101

Posted In: Community >> Green >> LUSH Values

The basics of permaculture and how to bring it home. >>

Mar 03.10

Let’s get growing! Tips for getting your garden started.

Posted In: Green >> LUSH Values >> Tips and Tricks

Tips to get growing this spring >>

Aug 08.27

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse: Kitchen Scraps

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Green

10 ideas to recycle or repurpose food scraps that are otherwise destined for landfill. >>

Jun 06.5

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Green

Come through our virtual garden gate, to our Pinterest board How Does Your Garden Grow? for a tour of our dream garden. >>

May 05.7

Grow Your Own LUSH Herb Garden

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Green

Herb's the word. It's the perfect weather to start your own herb garden - you can cultivate one outside, or indoors no matter how much space you have. Get started with a few tips to grow your own LUSH Garden. >>