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Oct 10.28

Canadian Kelp Resources: meet our seaweed supplier!

About 150 miles west of our Vancouver kitchen lies the tiny isolated coastal village of Bamfield. Here, husband-and-wife team Dr. Louis Druehl and Rae Hopkins make up Canadian Kelp Resources: a local business that’s been supplying LUSH with bladderwrack seaweed for 10 years. >>

Aug 08.23

Monitoring Sea Turtles with RED Sustainable Travel

Posted In: Charity Pot >> Community

LUSH staff traveled to Magdalena Bay, Baja to embark on a conservation adventure with LUSH Charity Pot partners, RED Sustainable Travel. >>

Mar 03.27

Your Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide

Animal testing is a cruel, irrelevant practice that is still commonplace for many companies. Tens of thousands of products lining the shelves of your local drugstore, supermarket or department store are regularly tested on defenseless animals. >>

Dec 12.19

Fur Trim is a Trap: Take Action

We've had many visitors to our East Coast Canadian shops to sign postcards urging Canada Goose to reconsider their fur practices - thank you for standing with us. If you'd also like to take action and add your voice, please sign our online petition. >>

Nov 11.29

Cosmetics with a Conscience: LUSH Featured in RYOT

Posted In: LUSH Life >> LUSH Values

Our beloved Hilary Jones, LUSH Ethics Director was featured in an article this week on RYOT. >>

Nov 11.15

Fighting Animal Testing: Hilary Jones, LUSH Ethical Director

Hilary Jones, LUSH Ethical Director sat down with us to share more about our history, our ethics, what we believe in, and our continued fight against animal testing. >>