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Sep 09.19

How to get the perfect at-home manicure

Posted In: DIY >> Vegan >> How To

Easy steps you can do at home to get a perfectly polished manicure in the comfort of your home. >>

Sep 09.4

Vegan fashion for fall

Posted In: Vegan >> Cruelty-free >> Animal Rights

Find out where our resident vegans are shopping for cruelty-free clothing this fall. >>

Oct 10.25

My Emotional Brilliance Experience

A beauty blogger reviews LUSH makeup. We sent Joyce, a beauty blogger from the Chicago area, into her local shop for a Color Reading. She took home three colors she chose from her personalized reading and wrote a review on the colors she chose. >>

Jun 06.1

Good Grub: Vegan and Vegetarian Food Festivals

Posted In: Community >> LUSH Life >> Vegan

The summer season is chock full of Vegan and Vegetarian Food Festivals to discover (or just re-savor) delicious offerings from local businesses in a boisterous street festival setting. >>

Apr 04.24

Make it: Lush-inspired edibles

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Vegan

We've taken inspiration from our delicious-looking products and adapted them into tasty recipes that will keep us from sneaking sly bites in the Lush kitchens! >>