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Sep 09.7

Fresh Handmade Designs: Happy people making happy shops

There are real people behind every aspect of our business including the tables and furniture made by hand for our shops, our handwritten signs, and even the writing on our walls. >>

Jun 06.15

Employee Profiles: LUSH Dads

Posted In: Careers >> LUSH Life

This Father’s Day, we tip our hats to all of those LUSH gents that bring so much to their jobs and co-workers, as well as their beautiful families at home. >>

May 05.25

Employee Profile: Meet Nadia Hosein

Posted In: Careers

While she might not have a face sticker to make her famous, Nadia has made her mark in our shops across North America. Find out what she collects, what she wishes her secret powers were, and why she loves LUSH. >>

May 05.17

Employee Profile: Meet Chainsaw

Posted In: Careers >> Behind the Scenes

Another one of our cast of characters at LUSH, Chainsaw (otherwise known as Shannon), works in Manufacturing Management in Vancouver. >>

May 05.9

Being a Working Mum at LUSH

Posted In: Careers >> LUSH Life

We have some amazing working moms at LUSH, we appreciate and respect their dedication and contributions at work, knowing that everyday they have to go home and give that same energy and enthusiasm to their kids. >>

Apr 04.26

Employee Profile: Meet Dan Dresser

Posted In: Careers >> Behind the Scenes

Once a Marketing intern and now an MIT in our Massage room, find out why he loves the LUSH Life and making his mum proud. >>

Apr 04.9

Employee Profile: Meet Lee O'Connor

Posted In: Careers >> Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what Manu folk do when we’re not making bubbles or massage bars? Meet Lee and find out what he gets up to! >>