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Erica Vega

Erica fell down the rabbit hole in 2005, and decided she liked LUSHland indeed. She managed the Chicago Armitage shop briefly before becoming a product trainer and has spent her years at LUSH getting stamps on her passport, sloshing through wet English fields to hear sitar players, planting trees for rescued Bolivian lions, making lipsticks with product inventor Rowena Bird, and dancing until the house lights come on. She makes things with her hands compulsively, collects locks of hair from her loved ones, and shares a devotion to reading with her mother.

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Aug 08.6

Ask an expert: Shampoo FAQs

Posted In: Product Use

We answer your most frequently-asked haircare questions! >>

Sep 09.24

Death, Decay and Renewal: a Gorilla Perfume Gallery

Posted In: Gorilla Perfume
Mar 03.7

My LUSH Spa Experience: Validation

Posted In: LUSH Spa

LUSH product and brand trainer Erica Vega is here to take you behind the scenes and share her personal experience receiving a Validation treatment at our LUSH Spa in New York City. >>