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Jan 01.30

Charity Pot Gets Nevada Growing

Charitable Givings at LUSH goes beyond Charity Pot and donations. We also love to host parties in our shops with our Charity Pot partners to increase their visibility, and our employees volunteer year round across North America, (and even around the world). >>

Jan 01.27

The Art of Massage

Posted In: How To >> LUSH Life

Studies show that when we do something kind for another person, our own happiness increases. One act of kindness can create a virtuous cycle that brings regular acts of love into your relationship. >>

Jan 01.17

School of Henna

With over 30 year of experience, Mark has been working with henna formulations since the late 1970s, and has even written a book on herbal hair colors. When it comes to hair, Mark is our resident expert. >>

Jan 01.10

New Hair Resolutions

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Contests

This year we're making resolutions for new hair. Whatever you want to change - bad habits, perming and coloring overload, or if you want to learn to accept your mane for what it is - now is the time to do it. >>

Jan 01.7

How to Choose the Right Henna Color for Your Hair

Posted In: Tips and Tricks

Henna is plant-based, and not a "dye", and everyone will see different results depending on their original hair color. Check out the before and after pictures of LUSH staff and friends to get a better idea of just how gorgeous your results with henna could be. >>

Jan 01.6

Fresh Detox Solutions

Posted In: LUSH Facts >> How To >> Tips and Tricks

With New Year's resolutions in full swing, there are quite a few of us vowing to put health as a priority in 2013. One great way to get your body in gear after weeks of overeating, drinking, and being merry is a detox. >>

Jan 01.4

Meet Brandi Halls

Posted In: Careers >> Behind the Scenes >> Video

10 years ago Brandi started working at LUSH as a PR Assistant right out of college... and look where she is now! But even after all of these years we had NO idea that behind the scenes her singing, dancing, and botany skills were so expansive. >>