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Archive - September 2012 (clear)

Sep 09.30

We Put the FRESH in Handmade Cosmetics

Posted In: We Believe >> LUSH Facts >> Handmade >> Fresh

Fresh is more than a name or gimmick here at LUSH; it’s at the core of who we are. >>

Sep 09.29

Uncovered: We've Got Sex Appeal

Posted In: Tips and Tricks >> LUSH Facts

The effect of pleasant fragrances and smell make women and men more attractive to potential partners more than any other sense >>

Sep 09.29

Read Our Lips: 7 Reasons to Care for Your Kisser

Posted In: Tips and Tricks >> LUSH Facts

Whether you like it soft, hard, passionate, intense or long - we can think of a few good reasons to make caring for your lips an important part of your daily skin care. >>

Sep 09.28

An Introduction to LUSH

Posted In: We Believe >> Our History

At LUSH, we believe in supporting our community, animals and the environment. >>

Sep 09.28

Green Piece

Posted In: Green >> We Believe >> LUSH Values

At LUSH, we are committed to reducing our energy load and investing in renewable technology to make clean energy affordable for everyone. >>

Sep 09.28

Your Skin 101: The Breakdown

Posted In: LUSH Facts

Your skin is made up of three layers. The top layer, called the epidermis, is made up of cells called keratinocytes. These cells are the protein-rich material in your hair and nails. >>

Sep 09.28

Top Five Tips for a Stimulating Massage

Posted In: Tips and Tricks >> How To

Set the mood! Don’t be afraid to light a candle or two, put on some 90’s power ballads (or whatever you find relaxing) and get comfortable. >>