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Dec 12.13

Get Holiday Party Ready!

The holidays are a fun and festive time of year when we want to make merry, see our loved ones and have about a million things to do and places to be. 

Let us be your guide to showing up to the party looking fabulous, getting your groove on and maybe even surviving the hangover!

Get uplifted

During the winter, days are short and the nights are long, which means you might need some extra motivation to get going in the morning. Start your day with invigorating, citrusy Baked Alaska Soap. Filled with lemon myrtle and zesty grapefruit, this jewel-toned sudser tones the skin and lifts the spirits: it’s like a slice of sunshine in the shower!

Snowman Shower Jelly is a great choice for adding softening suds and a silly smile to your morning routine. Snowman has it all: Sicilian lemon, bergamot and buchu oils bring vitality to your shower routine and carrageenan seaweed will leave your skin moisturized from head to toe.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Get energized

If you’ve got time between work and play, pencil yourself in for a hot soak with Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. This bold and beautiful fizzer is packed with citrus oils that will transport you to champagne-scented bliss while bathing in sparkling waters.

Running late for the festivities? Refresh yourself in a jiffy with some glittering First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder. It will leave your skin softened, twinkling and perfumed with our best-selling Celebrate fragrance – the same fragrance in Golden Wonder!

First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder

Get a glow

For healthy, happy winter skin, you need loads of moisture! Cleanse and soften your festive face with our restorative Bûche de Noël Face and Body Cleanser. Brightening fresh mandarin, polishing almonds and a touch of brandy bring out the best in your skin.

Indulge in some champagne-style sophistication before cocktail hour with Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion. This effervescent homage to bubbly is brimming with cognac oil, nourishing almond oil and lime and orange oils, to enhance your skin’s glow. Now you’re ready to catch all the light in the room!

Santa Lip Scrub

Get merry and bright

All those hugs, cheek-kisses and mistletoe moments mean your lips need to be in top form! Scrub up with some Santa’s Lip Scrub, packed with polishing caster sugar, as well as date and cherry extracts to prep your holiday pout. Apply a bold swipe of softening Santa Baby Lip Tint for a perfectly kissable look.

Get some TLC

You had a fabulous time, but now your feet are sore and you need some TLC, because there’s another celebration tonight! Hop in the tub with a Cinders Bath Bomb and let the sweet orange oil replenish your energy stores, while spicy cinnamon goes to work on sore muscles. One too many bubbly cocktails? Treat yourself to a refreshing shower with Christingle Body Conditioner: its menthol crystals and peppermint oil will wake up your senses, and organic jojoba oil will soften  your skin too. 

How do  you get revved up and ready to party? Let us know in the comments below!