Apr 04.24

LUSH-inspired edibles: Kale chips

LUSH Life >> Recipe

Adding kale into your everyday is easy with this recipe! >>

Tasha Dennis
Apr 04.22

Permaculture 101

Community >> Green >> LUSH Values

The basics of permaculture and how to bring it home. >>

Loranda Vazquez
Apr 04.21

Our favorite Mother’s Day contest entries


Get your #sheis stories in for a chance to win! >>

Katy Cobb
Apr 04.16

Stargazing 101: Lyrids Meteor Shower


Interested in getting started with stargazing? We’ve got tips for watching the Lyrids meteor shower April 16th to 25th. >>

Katy Cobb
Apr 04.15

Let’s get growing! Tips for pairing plants in your garden

How To >> Tips and Tricks

Plants need friends, too! Plan your garden with companion plants >>

Meghann Shantz
Apr 04.13

Hard Days Night: A Beauty Blogger’s Spa Experience


A beauty blogger’s review of our latest treatment addition to the LUSH Spa >>

Meghann Shantz
Apr 04.10

LUSH-inspired edibles: Strawberry Rose Sorbet

DIY >> LUSH Life

Don’t just stop and smell the roses – eat them! >>

Katy Cobb