Funding Guidelines

We support causes in the following areas:

  • Environmental Conservation
  • Animal Welfare
  • Human Rights

At LUSH, our ethics guide every decision we make as a business, from the products we invent to the charities we give donations to. The causes we support cannot conflict with our ethics. Applicants must:

  • Not be involved in animal testing, research or any actions harmful to animal welfare
  • Only participate in non-violent action (if the charity engages in direct-action campaigning)
  • Be environmentally responsible
  • Respect human rights
  • Not be affiliated with a central faith based organization

General Guidelines

Annual Income

Charities and projects should have an annual income cap of $500,000 or less. We review what percentage of annual funding is diverted to administrative costs, staff salaries and travel expenses; however, exceptions may be made on a project-by-project basis.

Maximum Donation Per Project

Funding shall not exceed $25,000 per project and we prefer to have the donation allocated to a specific item on the project's budget. We reserve the right to modify this amount based on project needs. We do not provide blanket coverage so please indicate clearly the intended use of the funds.


We do not fund salaries or administration costs. Exceptions may be made depending on the nature of the project.


We do not fund travel costs. Exceptional circumstances may be considered.

International Projects

We strive to fund projects overseas provided local people are running the project. Applications from organizations based in North America working overseas will need to show clearly how local people are involved in decision making and the implementation of projects.

Animal Welfare

As a vegetarian company, we do not fund any projects involving the use of animals for human gain. We do not support the culling of animals for conservation or keeping animals in captivity (the exception being animal sanctuaries where there's no alternative available).

Use of Sustainable Materials

We only use 100% recycled post-consumed paper and vegetable inks for our printed materials and use 100% organic cotton for our cloth products. Any materials that we fund through Charity Pot must also meet these environmental standards.