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Our Charity Pot funding goes to small, grassroots groups that have limited resources and often struggle to find funding. We support groups both in North America and around the world working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. Please be sure to read our funding guidelines before applying to ensure you meet our requirements.

How to Apply

Please ensure to read the Funding Guidlines below before selecting one of the following links.

Funding Guidelines

What does it take to be a Charity Pot partner?

In just a few short years, we’ve donated more than $15 million to hundreds of organizations that needed a helping hand to continue doing the good work they do. We’re passionate about giving to those who are in need and we’re always looking to give to other grassroots charities.

Almost all the groups we fund have annual incomes of $500,000 or less and often are run entirely or predominantly by volunteers. We believe we can make the most impact by funding causes that are often overlooked by other funders, therefore we give priority to less popular issues which are more difficult to raise funds for. We're looking for organizations that that push the boundaries and challenge mainstream opinion.

We support non-violent direct action groups because we feel it plays an important part in bringing about social change. Non-violent direct action includes protests and demonstrations, and other non-violent interventions.

As a campaigning company, we look for projects that create long-term systematic change and address the root cause of the problem, which aim to alter opinion and behavior through raising awareness of issues, activism, education and campaigning. For example, we campaign against Canadian tar sands and palm oil, and we also fund groups that campaign against environmental destruction caused by the production and consumption of other natural resources, as well as other environmental injustices. We also believe that while it’s vital to rescue and provide long-term care for animals, we’re also looking to support organizations that fight against the root causes of animal neglect and why animals need shelters in the first place.

We're looking for initiatives that are far reaching and rather than that benefit than just a few individuals. We also look for projects that promote and implement viable, fair and sustainable solutions.

The majority of the projects we fund are in North America, however we care deeply about causes around the world and we often fund projects overseas. To qualify for funding, these initiatives should be run by local people, and applications from organizations based in North America working overseas will need to demonstrate how local people are involved in making decisions and implementing projects.

Our support ranges from a few hundred dollars to a maximum of $25,000 per project. We do not do blanket funding and require a detailed budget breakdown when submitting your application. We will review what percentage of annual funding is diverted to administration costs, staff salaries and fundraising.

LUSH also supports registered non-profits and 501c4 organizations.

What groups are we unable to support?

We’re passionate about our beliefs and we want to be sure that the groups we support match our ethics. As a result, our Charity Pot funding does not support groups that:

  • Promote or support violence, aggression or oppression towards others
  • Deny the human rights of others
  • Are involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals, including testing on animals for research or using animals for human gain
  • Force or coerce others to change their religious beliefs
  • Harbor racism, prejudice or judge others on anything other than their own actions
  • Are not making the effort to be environmentally responsible
  • In addition to these, we also cannot provide funding for schools, individual student expeditions neither do we contribute to sponsored walks/runs, fundraising initiatives or sponsor events

How long does it take to have your application approved?

We will strive to let you know if your application has been short-listed or declined within 90 days. The final decision for short-listed projects will take an additional couple of weeks, depending on how quickly references come back and any questions we may have about the project have been answered. If your application is urgent please make this clear in the covering email when you send your application.

Please note: We typically review applications once per quarter at the end of each calendar month.

Still unsure if you’re organization is a match for us? Simply email us at We’re happy to answer all of your questions.

What are the next steps if your application is approved?

If your application is successful, you’ll receive a welcome email from the Charitable Giving team. In it, we will ask how you want to receive funding, and to submit an image, your logo and descriptions of your organization to be used on our website and within other communications with your permission. Some organizations will be invited to be featured on the lid of our Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion pots with a photo that best represeents the work you do, along with a short description for one year.

We will never ask that our Charity Pot partners provide marketing or promotion of LUSH. We are simply happy to help small organizations, like you, continue to do the incredible work you’re doing. If at any time you feel it would be beneficial to use our logo, say on your website for example, please just let us know.

We’re excited about redefining the way corporations interact with charities and finding innovative ways to go beyond monetary donations. This includes supporting our partners with skills-based volunteers, promoting the charity in our stores and on our Charity Pot lids, and supporting outreach and education work in the community. We are open to new ideas and are continually re-evaluating the way we work with our partners.

To make our funding accessible to all, we offer our application in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French), as well as in accessible formats for people with disabilities who are overcoming challenges related to modern communications and accessing groups in remote or disadvantaged locations.

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