This initiative is part of LUSH's ongoing partnership with non-profit organizations supporting animal welfare.
More than 100 million animals around the world are killed each year, solely for their fur. It’s unnecessary, inhumane and needs to stop. We’ve teamed up with The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA) and the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Montreal SPCA) to expose the fur farming industry in North America.

Today, the majority of fur farmed in Canada is exported and used as fashionable trim on the hoods of jackets, sweaters, gloves and accessories. To obtain this fur, animals are either raised on industrial farms in tiny wire cages before they’re killed by gassing or anal electrocution, or they’re trapped in the wild before being stomped or clubbed to death. After an animal is killed, its skin is removed from the carcass with the fur attached; and since their meat has no value, the remainder of the animal is simply discarded.

Recently, the APFA obtained horrific footage of animals on fur farms and raised their concerns with the appropriate agencies. Unfortunately, current legislation fails to offer meaningful protection to animals raised on fur farms or trapped in the wild. As a vegetarian company with a long history of fighting against animal cruelty, we refuse to stand by and watch as millions of animals lose their lives for fashion. With your help, and in partnership with the APFA and the Montreal SPCA, we can stand together and make fur history once and for all.

Join the fight against the fur trade and take the pledge to go fur-free online or in our shops by tweeting #makefurhistory with a photo of your favorite fur-bearing animal. To learn more about the fur industry and additional ways to get involved in the fight against it, visit Make Fur History.

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