Face Forward

Our cleansers are gentle, effective and made with the freshest possible ingredients. Wash away dirt, oil and even make-up to leave your skin soft and healthy. Browse Range

Expertly formulated and packed full of fresh fruits, vegetables, rich butters and essential oils to take care of your most important attribute. Browse Range

Deliver a dose of beautiful essential oils directly to your skin with a toner water or tab. Browse Range

They're the very definition of LUSH! Our face masks contain no preservatives, and are loaded of fresh, active ingredients to cleanse and soften. Browse Range

Prep your pout before puckering up with sugar scrubs, rich balms and gorgeous color. As if kissing wasn't fun enough. Browse Range

Lavish that handsome face with our foam-free shaving creams for the smoothest, closest shave you've ever experienced. Browse Range

Ditch the tube and brush with our preservative-free solid toothpaste tabs for a fresh, sparkling smile- anytime, anywhere! Browse Range

Vegan make up that’s actually good for your skin! Translucent powder, skin tints, highlighter and color supplements. Browse Range

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Skin is the largest organ in the human body and yet you probably spend more time considering the health of your liver than you do your skin. Caring for your skin is something we're passionate about at LUSH, and using the freshest, most effective ingredients and blending them by hand is how we do it. No matter how old you are or what you do, make sure you take care of your skin. If you don't it'll show on your face, hands, feet - all over your body. Don't worry, we can help.